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The secure area of this website contains a wealth of technical information about Cyclops products; including installation guides, modification diagrams and vehicle specific data. Thanks to the ease of updating online content, booklets and diagrams are added and updated as required. For this reason, the secure area should be your first port of call for the latest documentation.

This information is an invaluable tool for utilizing Dynamco's products to their full capabilities. The information contained within has been built up over the many years, as Dynamco has been leading the way in vehicle security here in Australia and overseas.

We invite our dealers and professional installers to use this information and apply for a secure username and password by completing this form. Our staff carefully inspect all applications, as we try to avoid revealing security related information to the general public. Please ensure you supply sufficient information to process your application.

NB: This area is for professional installers of Dynamco products only. For general help or enquires regarding installation or technical information on any of our products please contact our helpdesk.

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